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Welcome to CATALONIA, a quarterly publication by AICS (American Institute of Catalan Studies) which is based in the large metropolis, Houston, Texas. Our latest edition is the 14th and is newly revised and which is currently distributed over multiple English speaking countries and throughout the European continent


There are several principal collaborators to CATALONIA: Hellena Cardús, AICS President, Publisher/ Editor CATALONIA Mayte Duarte, AICS Vice-President, Senior Staff Writer CATALONIA Miquel Giménez, Senior Writer, CATALONIA Fernando Gómez, Senior Writer, CATALONIA Goncal Mayos, Senior Writer, CATALONIA David Murgadas, Senior Writer, CATALONIA Judith Sherwood, Principal Designer / Technical Consultant


The European price for a subscription is €50.

CATALONIA Annual 2018 Subscription


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